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Playing a dart’s competition is like a wild ride on a roller coaster for many darts players. In some games, you feel relaxed, focused… just great.

In many other games, you feel tense or nervous…can't find your focus…

The dart throw feels alien, and you can't pull off your best performance. You are far from feeling excellent.

As a mental coach and darts player, I know this problem very well.

The difficult part is that you never know exactly what condition you will be in when you go into the next competitive game. You can play two world-class games and feel great doing it. And in the next game you feel like a beginner, and you feel terrible.

This happens, supposedly for no apparent reason.

You might think it's like a lottery. If you're lucky, you feel great, and you can bring your full potential to the dartboard. If you're unlucky, you feel bad, and you play exactly how you feel.


For more than 12 years, I have been involved in darts mental training and coach darts players worldwide.

And I can say with great certainty that a great many darts players suffer from this issue. You can see that in one of them, for example in their body language. Another is good at hiding the problem on the outside and suffers on the inside. But we all dart players have one thing in common. We want to play our competitive players in a relaxed, focused manner, with joy in the game.

We wish us more consistency and a sense of security that we have a little more control over our darts game.


A world-class darts player from England said in the past… “Darts is 80% mental, the rest is mental”

British humor at its best!

Even if that seems a bit exaggerated.

So, it is that the quality of our darts game is decided in our heads. Whether the arm feels loose or cramped when throwing is the result of our mental state, which is unfortunately very moody and inconsistent.

To bring this mental state to an almost equally good level in every dart's training and darts competition, i designed these audios.

With regular use, a routine is stored in our mental system, which then gets a darts player into a good shape in which they feel comfortable. A new security is created in our brain, which not only feels superb, but also leads to better results.


I have custom-made recordings of this type for darts players who have played PDC tournaments, BDO World Championships or the Electronic Darts World Championship in Las Vegas.

With excellent results.

Now I want to share this very effective mental technique with you.

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Mental strength is no coincidence!

If you regularly listen to these recordings, your darts game will change for the better. Your self-confidence will increase, your head cinema will be quieter, you're training more effective and your competitive game will improve, I am 100% convinced of that!

Because what's the use if you're dissatisfied with your dart game, always doing the same thing, maybe investing in new darts, in new flights, but not willing to invest neither time nor a few bucks in the most important thing. ... your mental game. Because your head decides whether you feel good, whether you have fun, whether you are relaxed or tense and whether you are successful.

I give my PDF e-book

Darts mentaltraining Head Game" English Edition

as a free bonus gift. (Purchase price on Amazon 19,99 $)

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How do my audio recordings support you?

Recording number 1

Should be used before training and competition alike.

With regular use, a darts player achieves the effect that he always feels almost the same at the beginning, regardless of whether it is training or a competition. Being relaxed, focused, and starting with self-confidence with the first dart to be thrown in training and competition can have a decisive influence on the quality of training and, above all, on the performance achieved in competition. This is extremely underestimated by many darts players.

With a playing time of only approx. 3 minutes, it can be optimally used with the mobile phone/headset before training and competitions. Imagine this recording like autogenic training or better, like a kind of self-hypnosis, with which you can bring yourself into the optimal mental and physical condition quickly.

Recording number 2

Should be heard during training. You can do this via mobile phone/headset, but also “openly” via loudspeakers.

The effect of this recording is to find and keep your inner balance. Or to improve this inner balance.

The problem for many darts players is that they pay so much attention to the perfect execution of their throwing technique that they never or only rarely get into the flow state.

Conscious thinking controls and evaluates every single throw, every thrown result. As a result, it is not always possible to automatically call up the throwing movement that has already been saved.

This recording also has the effect of keeping your emotions and your head cinema under better control. Because the more (positively) balanced your emotions are, the more relaxed and better you will feel.

If you listen to this recording regularly during training, you will soon be able to “hear it in your head” in competition without actually hearing it. This keeps your thinking busy, and you will play your game much more focused and be able to reach the flow state. With a playing time of approx. 20 minutes, this recording is ideally suited to integrating it into the training, preferably from the beginning and after using recording

Recording number 3

I have already made recordings of this kind for darts players at large PDC and BDO events.

As a darts player, I know that some tournaments can be very long. The good thing is, you're still in, and you're not out yet. The less good thing is that it's sometimes damn difficult to keep the focus, and you stay consistently efficient at a high level for several hours.

What many darts players underestimate or don't plan at all is the interplay of tension and relaxation. The recording is designed to provide the right and important balance between competitive matches. The balance between tension and relaxation.

The aim is to systematically achieve an optimal condition again at the beginning of the next competitive game. Focus, positive energy, confidence, confidence in throwing technique. Free from fear of failure and doubts. M

entally fit from the first litter!

With a playing time of approx. 6 minutes, it is ideal for taking a short break between games and recharging the “battery” for focus and concentration. Just get out into the fresh air, put on your headphones and get ready for the next game.

Darts is a mental sport. Whether and how you can access your potential in training and competition primarily influences your mental state. I designed these three recordings so that your mental state is consistently good, and you can throw your darts easily and with focus in any situation.

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"You want to improve your game? Do you get nervous when it comes to important moments? Or do you even have a blockage in the game? Then Richard Weese is exactly the right contact person!! Michael Unterbuchner PDC Tour-Card Winner 2021 2x BDO World Championship Semi-Final PDC Grand Slam of Darts Quarter-Final
Hello I'm Richard and this is me


Richard Weese, born in Upper Bavaria Germany in 1966

Mental coach in darts for 12 years


Relaxation Therapist

Instructor for muscle relaxation according to Jacobson


and most importantly...I'm a darts player. So I'm a practitioner, not    just a theoretician

Since more than 12 years I have been “working” with darts players, from beginners to PDC players, successfully on their mental strength. I am not “only” a mental coach, but also a darts player, I have a profound understanding of the challenges and problems a darts player has to solve during a “Darts career”.
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